Music for film and Television and Buzzard God Publishing

Music for Film and Television (MFTV) is a collective networking source for film & television productions, music supervisors and musicians to combine talents through the art of placing music to film and television. The MFTV website contains well-produced independent music for placement in TV and film productions.


– Use Styles | Genres button (above right).

– Go to Artists Page for full list of artists and styles.

– Use Search Field (above right) to type in Style, Artist or “Sounds Like”.

Located in Santa Barbara, CA, Music for Film and Television works with Buzzard God Publishing (ASCAP) to market independent music for opportunities in film and television music licensing. The MFTV library features an organized selection of quality independent music for scene music, background music, score compositions, source music, themes and trailers.

For more information, please contact Music for Film and Television.